Eye-Opening Statistics About Men and Sex

Attention all women! Ever wonder what men are really thinking? While most women believe they’ve got men pegged down to a T (anything involving beer, buffalo wings and breasts generally spring to mind), it’s about time we delve a little bit deeper.

What really goes on behind the inner workings of the male mind? Do we even want to know? You’re about to find out!

The following data highlights recent survey results, as conducted by Glamour magazine.
Aptly titled, “What Guys Really Think About Sex,” this sex-oriented survey is based on responses from 1,131 participating men (between the ages 18-40)….and what it reveals may surprise you!



Have you ever had sex on your lunch break from work?
Yes: 42%
No: 58%

Have you watched porn at the office?
Yes: 17%
No: 83%

Have you ever fantasized about a female colleague?
Yes: 79%
No: 21%

Have you ever fantasized about a female boss?
Yes: 43%
No: 57%

If you saw your male boss sexually harassing a female co-worker, what would you do?
Tell him to knock it off right away: 32%
Go to HR and report him: 25%
Tell her to report him: 39%
Ignore it: 4%

If you saw your female boss sexually harassing a male coworker, what would you do?
Tell her to knock it off right away: 21%
Go to HR and report her: 23%
Tell him to report her: 38%
Ignore it: 18%

How important is a woman’s job?
Very! I want a woman who does something cool—and makes good money!: 23%
Sorta. I want a woman with goals, but salary and status don’t matter to me: 59%
Not at all!: 18%

Can a woman be a good mother and keep a demanding full-time career?

Yes: 83%
No: 17%

Yes: 52%
No: 47%


Do you have a name for your penis?
Yes: 13%
No: 87%

Would it be weird if a woman named her vagina?
Yes: 41%
No: 59%

Rate your oral skills:
I am a master: 22%
Better than most: 40%
About average: 27%
I need help! 11%

Do you think you’d have more sex if you were taller?
Yes: 24%
No: 76%

Morning sex or evening sex?
Morning sex: 14%
Evening sex: 17%
I will have sex anytime: 69%

Do you get more oral sex than you give?
Yes: 42%
No: 58%

Have you ever shot a photo or video of a partner naked?
Yes: 47%
No: 53%

Have you taken a photo or video of yourself naked for a partner?
Yes: 43%
No: 57%

If your girlfriend/wife/partner wanted to have a threesome with you and another dude, would you be game for it?
Hell, yes: 7%
Maybe. It would depend on the situation: 18%
No: 33%
I’d not only not do it, I’d also question our relationship status: 42%

Your girlfriend/wife/partner busts a new move during sex. Your reaction:
Yeah! Let’s mix things up!: 90%
Uh, did another guy teach her that?: 10%

If you new girlfriend/wife/partner suggests using a vibrator or other toys during sex, you think:
Yay! Toys!: 70%
Crap, I must suck in bed: 30%

Men and women can be purely platonic—no attraction, no sex.
Yes: 69%
No: 31%

Does porn affect your sex life?
Yes. I’m better because of it: 31%
Yes. I now have totally unrealistic expectations: 17%
Nope: 36%
I don’t watch porn: 11%
Porn is my sex life: 5%

Do you worry about the size and shape of your penis?
I worry it’s too small: 34%
I worry it’s too big: 4%
I worry it has a strange shape:5%
I don’t worry about it, ever: 57%

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Yes: 31%
No: 69%

Yes: 43%
No: 55%


Have you ever been in love?
Yes: 90%
No: 10%

A friend tells you he’s in love. Your reaction:
I tell him how happy I am for him: 82%
I say I’m happy, but I think, another one bites the dust: 13%
I actually say: “Another one bites the dust”: 5%

Would you rather have sex every night for the rest of your life with no emotional connection—or twice a week for the rest of your life with someone you love?
Sex every night with no connection: 9%
Sex twice a week with someone I love: 91%


If Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016, would you vote for her?
Yes: 47%
No: 53%

Should insurance cover birth control?
Yes: 75%
No: 25%

If a male Pill existed, would you take it?
Yes: 52% (up 6% since 2011!)
No: 48%

Have you ever wished you could experience pregnancy and childbirth?
Yes: 13%
No: 87%

Yes: 18%
No: 76%


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