Welcome to Encore Lagos Hotels Encore Lagos Hotels is a hotel brand or chain that connects affordability to comfort and luxury - This is indeed "the home away from home". Encore Lagos Hotels have got its primary hotel location in the heart of Lagos as such that is just a drive of 5 minutes from the International Airport; Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos and it has got its secondary hotel location at a notch in Lagos that is just of 12 minutes drive from the International Airport. By every bit of our service delivery, you will see that indeed we keep our promise of meeting you with comfort and luxury on the platform of affordability. Apart from the fact that the Encore Lagos Hotels as a hotel brand is poised to meet your desires in every way. And this is what uniquely separates Encore Lagos Hotels from others because others will not break their backs for you in a bid to meet your desires in whole. Feel free to visit "the home away from home" today and see in what a lovely and kingly or queenly manner you will be pampered and valued for we understand your uniqueness vis-a-vis your need for comfort, luxury and security.

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